Cisco DNA Center is a powerful management system that leverages AI to connect, secure, and automate network operations.

Enterprise networks are at the heart of the digital infrastructure that power today’s digital enterprises. Networks are business critical, and hence they must be robust and stable and must scale at the speed of business. Users expect mobility, uninterrupted connectivity, and seamless application experience, no matter where they are and how they are connected. An ever-expanding digital footprint, increasing use of public cloud, and remote and hybrid work introduce new risks.

How do you manage all these expectations and challenges without increasing complexity? You need a network management system that leverages AI to automate network operations securely and provide digital agility for the business. You need Cisco DNA Center.

Cisco DNA Center simplifies the IT experience to streamline complex network operation, resulting in a faster time to value. Deployed on-premises or in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco DNA Center leverages AI/ML to increase business agility and operational efficiency by creating consistent orchestration across a wired and wireless network. As part of the Cisco® smart buildings solution portfolio, Cisco DNA Center helps you achieve your sustainability goals with energy management and automation.

● Get the network up and running faster with intelligent and automated provisioning.
● Save valuable human capital with automation of routine administrative tasks.
● Reduce outages and minimize business impact with AI-driven insights and predictive performance analytics.
● Realize efficiencies of business process automation using an integrated Cisco and third-party ecosystem and leveraging the Cisco DNA Center APIs.
● Deliver optimal user experience with deep insights into application performance and end-users’ application experience.
● Secure the digital enterprise with intuitive security policy management, strong AI-driven enforcement, and zero-trust network access.
● Help the organization achieve sustainability goals by managing IT energy and enabling smart buildings.

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